Welcome to the Underworld...

Ariel is a self employed diviner with many skills under her belt. From tarot and oracle cards, to crystal reading and channelling with spirits, Ariel is able to use her skills to bring about the best answers for you. Teamed with her knowledge of history, philosophy, and religions, Ariel's readings offer deep, thoughtful looks into your spiritual being.


Whether you're looking for answers to your soul purpose, where you're meant to go, or where you've been in past lives, Ariel is able to help. To look further into her portfolio or what she offers, have a look through the Reviews page and Readings Menu, and delve into the spiritual oceans of the underworld.



Ariel offers a whole range of preset divination sessions to get your inspiration flowing. From checking in with loved ones on the other side, to exploring your soul purpose, there's lots of interesting sessions to choose from. To check out the full menu, click the button below.


Can't find what you're looking for? Have questions about your reading? Want to mix and match? Not to worry, customised sessions are readily available. Head over to the contact page to get talking about your reading and find out what may be best for you!


We all want to know we're in safe hands before we purchase a reading, so why not take a look through some reviews? Ariel has achieved over 90 Five Star Reviews on her etsy page, the number growing even still. You can view a portion of past reviews on this site.


To get to know Ariel more, you can find her on various social media. She posts spells, articles, pick a cards and more across pages like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. If you have any questions or want to reach out, just take a look at where you can find her!