Empowering Thoughtful Spirituality

Growth and Awareness for the Mind and Soul

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Fusing Coaching, Spirituality, and Experience


We can learn a lot from tarot and the mystical arts, but one thing we can't always do is fully understand ourselves in a manner which encourages growth. I wanted to be the best spiritual leader I could be, to understand the inner child and shadow work in a deeper way than what my own mind was telling me. For this reason, I embarked on a training course for life coaching, wishing to expand my horizons in the work that I offer. Using the wisdom of life coaching alongside my pursuits of spirituality, my work aims not only to show you the possibilities in the stars, but to help you through the roadblocks of the heart also.


With 8 years experience working with the paranormal and the spiritual, I pride myself on bringing experienced research and methodology to the unknown. I have a background in paranormal research and investigation which sits at the forefront of my work with spirits, as well as a budding and successful divination career which speaks for itself. As a spiritual leader, I know that authenticity and sincerity must sit at the heart of all that we do when guiding others, and so citation, personal stories, and objective debate feature heavily in the teaching I do and the mentoring I offer.


If you're looking for no nonsense facts of life, or balanced and researched thoughts on the unknown, then you've come to the right place. 


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