About Ariel

Hi, all! I'm Ariel, a 20 year old Buddhist Polytheist and Magic Practitioner from the UK. Working in spiritual circles to provide readings, online content and mentoring, I snowballed to where I am today through 8 years of spiritual experiences. I'm proud to say that I am an ordained priestess and certified life coach.


From young, I had experiences I just couldn't understand. When the world of the paranormal opened up to me at 13, I fell in love with it. I loved the methodology of finding evidence, the thrill of finally having something unexplained. At the same time, I started tuning into my intuition even more, testing it out in old locations and on friends and family.


Eventually, my practices and search for knowledge grew into a mountain, and here we are today! I'm the owner, creator, and everything else behind Underworld Ariel; divination services, blog, and more. I'm proud to say that 

my work has received well over 200 fantastic reviews across various platforms, all of which you can access via the testimonials tab.


When working with clients, I like to employ a little bit of all my skills and knowhow into what I do. Even if all we may be doing is reading tarot in our consultation, what comes forward is teamed with knowledge learnt through life coaching, Buddhism, intuition, and experience.


Being a medium, channeller, and diviner, I often feel that getting to the bottom of an investigative hole is about so much more than pulling a few cards. Cards are a stimulus for intuition and clair- senses. They can act as a sounding board for claircognizance, affirm the images of clairvoyance, or give helpful insights into the meanings behind the notes received from spirit. The same can be said of divination as a whole. This balance and relationship is something I pride myself on understanding and using within my work.


I'm grateful to have featured on many projects within my community, from TechnoCoven - an occult e-con which raised over $1000 for pandemic relief charities and over $900 for black lives matter charities, to courses and talks on mediumship and channelling hosted by my peers. I also run similar events myself, like donation drives, online learning events, and so on.


In the present day, you can find me teaching classes at the Raven Academy of the Mystical Arts, including Alternative Divination and Buddhist Theory. Located down in the beautiful hills of Devon, UK, I like to spend my spare time on walks, hanging out with my cat, playing old games, and reading up on spooky stories from the local area and afar.


Investigating haunted locations, performing spells, and reading the divine