About Tools

Below is a full list of potential tools and skills that you can have included in your consultation, and a little explanation. This page is designed for those who may wish to pick a specific tarot deck or tool for their consultation, or maybe who just want to see the wide array of offerings that I have!


Life Coaching

Every consultation I do is rooted in the techniques, mindsets, and ethics of life coaching, which is all about empowering responsibility and maturity in the client.


This is the use of clairaudience to get in contact with spirit, or divine entities. For polytheists who may have an entity from an (open) pantheon in mind.


The psychic ability to 'see' ideas and answers, or to sense information coming forward. This is often integral to consultations, but can be requested also.

Animism Tarot

A beautiful and positive deck, Animism Tarot is great at seeing tarot a little less traditionally, and finding the positive outcomes in life.

Vikings Tarot

Ethereal art inspired by myths and lore of the Viking era, this deck can show you the divine essence of what is yet to come, or perhaps what already is.

Dragon Tarot

A more traditional deck, Dragon Tarot is great for those who love a medieval, wise, and almost aged feel to the decks used to read for them.

Tarot of the Pirates

This deck is one for the realists, as it has a very critical, but necessary outlook, all spoken through the exciting and intriguing pirate themed artwork.

Oriens Tarot Deck

A gorgeous, colourful deck which makes for a magical experience, the Oriens Tarot Deck flips the cards on their heads, showing us all their potential.

Messages from the Mermaids

This is an oracle deck filled to the brim with beautiful and inspiring mermaids of all shapes, sizes, and identities.

Sea Melodies Oracle

A little oracle deck backed with cute mermaids, this deck is a sea-inspired affirmations shuffle which can add direction to your consultation.

Language of the Flowers

A pretty little peer into the realm of floral reading, this card deck adds extra ideas and meanings to consultations which can really help them to bloom.

Daily Healing

This deck offers phrases surrounding the theme of growth and healing, which can give extra insight and thought to the messages at hand.


Have a yes or no question? Ask a pendulum! The top, purple pendulum is a Raw Amethyst, and the bottom, blue pendulum is a Tanzanite Aura crystal.

Old School Lenormand

Lenormand decks are great for the "what" and "how" questions, and this one brings an old timey feel to your readings, like a vintage postcard!


Picking crystals from an opaque bag, we then read their meanings! With over 50 possible answers, this method is colourful and fun for advise and affirmations.