Frequently Asked Questions

How long do readings take?

I usually work on a 3-5 business day deliver schedule, although longer readings may take between 1-2 business weeks to be ready. I will contact you once the reading is sent to make sure the email with your reading got to you safely.


Do you do third party readings?

I may include third parties in readings on the basis of 'public' knowledge. I view the tools as intellectualising things you may already be privy to through psychology, body language, and the rest. In this way, I can read in regards to others, but I do not answer questions which cross this boundary.


Is there anything you don't answer?

I do not read for medical, legal, or illegal questions. I do not read for pregnancy questions. I also do not read for questions regarding passionately intimate relationships with spirit/the divine or matters of being the divine.


My reading didn't turn up, what do I do?

Please be sure to check spam and junk folders. If it still is not there, please contact me. I will show you a screenshot of the email it was sent to, as per the one you gave me, and if this is wrong/has a typo, we can correct it, or if not, send the email once again.


I have a query about my reading, do you accept those?

Absolutely! I am always here to talk about your reading, whether that be expanding on something said to find a more fitting answer, or elaborating on what something could mean. I take pride in hearing my clients and talking through the reading so the most understanding can br brought forward from it.


I want to learn from you, will you mentor me?

I don't feel that mentoring people is something I am meant to do, but I am open to teaching you small snippets of what I do or how I do it. Namely, if you're interested in mini tarot work shops from me, then this is something we could discuss doing via an audio reading or a live reading. Please understand I will not be teaching you the basics or things you can read in books, but rather my personal style, and so this is not designed as a mentorship, but more so an experience class if you should want one.


I really loved your reading, how can I tip you or leave you a review?

You can tip me via ko-fi, which you will see to one side. If you bought your reading via etsy, you will be able to leave a review on there to add to my reviews page. If your reading was purchased via paypal, please feel free to email me a review, and I will post it to my social media and/or website.

Any queries or concerns?

Please email Ariel at

Any Queries?

If you would like to talk about your readin​g or what options would be best for you, simply drop Ariel an email at:


Or use the contact form.

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