Ariel offers a wide array of preset readings, many of which you can purchase without any prior consultation. You may find something which interests you, in which case, step right forward and get in touch! If you're still unsure if a reading suits you, then do not be afraid to ask for a custom session. All consultations are free, we can talk about what you'd like to include and other matters.


To view the tool options, please view the bottom of this page, where all variable tools have been listed if you would like to pick your own. The most apt decks and/or tools will be chosen for you if no preference is given.


Please note that Ariel does not read for: medical questions, pregnancy questions, questions regarding legal and/or illegal matters, or questions regarding any passionately intimate private relations with the divine/spirit.


Available Readings - Etsy

Underworld Ariel has a thriving etsy store where there are several different special packages and offers available. Many of these are available only on etsy, as Ariel moves from the market place site to her very own here. To browse deity communication, soul purpose, and more, click the link below.




Available Readings - Site Only!

Available via this website only, I have an array of in depth sessions. These can be customised to your questions and queries. For these sessions, I like to first get to know any information or relevant things about you, and then put this to the tools to see how best we can remedy the situation. If you have any questions about these sessions, please feel free to ask!


To purchase a session listed on this website, please contact me via my email (to the right) or the contact page. Payments will be made to paypal, or if not possible, I can create a reserved listing for you via etsy. Please let me know which you would prefer when requesting your reading.


Guiding Light Reading

The Guiding Light Reading is an audio reading with photos of the tools used. You will be sent this reading via email and it shall come in the form of an M4a downloadable file, plus the photos.

There is no tool limit to this reading, and there is no time limit to this reading either. And so, The Guiding Light is truly limitless. The only thing we come to this reading wanting to do is to get as many messages from your guides as possible. Using an array of tarot cards, crystal readings, channelled messages and more, we'll hone in on exactly what your guides want you to know at this time.

You do not need to know who your guides are, we shall call for whoever comes through for you. If you would definitely like a certain deck or method used, please simply say upon purchase. Each reading will definitely include tarot and crystallomancy.


The Guiding Light will be, at minimum, 30 minutes long, and it costs £40.


Past Lives Reading

Past Lives Reading is a reading with a twist. We won't just be finding out about one of your lives, we'll be finding out about all your lives. We'll create a timeline of lives using the tools, and from there, pull at least one card for each life on the timeline. By the end of the reading, we should end up with a storyline of who you have been across the ages.

This reading will use tarot and pendulum at the very least, but also channelling and possibly crystallomancy. We will take notes from any beings who come forward to tell us more abou your lives.

These readings are open to interpretation. Sometimes, we may get words or ideas which require some out of the box thinking, and it's important not to take every word literally. Whilst a pendulum may point to a life being some form of extraterrestial, I ask clients of this reading to be open minded in what that really means.

Whilst I aim to give information on every life, I must note that I will only be pulling a card for each life if the client has less than 25 previous lives. This has yet to be exceeded.

If you already know some information upon purchase, please be sure to let me know!


Past Lives Reading is delivered as a written PDF to your email, and it costs £80. Please understand these also take longer to deliver to you because of the amount of work required to construct the past lives timeline, find out more about it (names, species, etc), and then look further into each via tarot. If you have specific things you want to know about the lives (like family matters, jobs, or other), please include these when requesting the reading.


Live Reading

Live Reading is an option which allows me to read in real time for you. Via messaging, we can discuss your questions in live time, pull the cards, and keep going from there. This interactive method allows you to get involved with your reading and get the answers you want.

This option can come in many shapes and sizes. You may want to include tarot, channelling, pendulum questions. When requesting a reading, we'll talk a little bit about what we may cover when we get to the reading. It is also possible to include some astrology in your reading if you let me know your date of birth, time of birth, and where you were born. I am not a professional astrologer, so this is an optional add on for extra synthesis, and not a reading in itself.

Live Readings are good for those who may want channelled answers, or tarot readings regarding different situations going on for them.

These are conducted over whichever media best suits you. I am available for messaging on discord, tumblr, or facebook messages. Email is also an option if none of these suffice. We will discuss this when we book you in.

I am in the UK, so I go by GMT time. GMT is 5 hours ahead of EST (North Carolina, Florida, etc.) When booking your reading, please understand that I am available for text readings in this schedule:


Times in GMT. (Time in EST)

Tuesday: 12pm - 6pm (7am - 1pm)

Wednesday: 12pm - 6pm (7am - 1pm)

Thursday: 12pm - 4pm (7am - 11am)

Friday: 12pm - 4pm (7am - 11am)

Saturday: 7pm - 9pm (2pm - 4pm)


Sessions start at half an hour for £25, and each extra half an hour is a further £25. 


If these sessions aren't for you, don't forget I have a wide array of readings available on etsy! Via etsy, you can find quick readings for as little as £3.


Please understand that all readings, products, and services are for entertainment purposes only. All beliefs and information passed through readings is for the reader to take at their own discretion. I claim no liability for any actions which may result from a product or service received. Clients must be 18+ or have permission from a guardian.

Any Queries?

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