Below are a selection of Ariel's 100+ Five Star Reviews, lifted from Etsy.

"Ariel was such a sweetheart and she really did her best to channel their advice! She went in depth, providing suggestions or examples where she could. I felt more comforted and knowledgable than I had been before."- Rosh, Intuitive Reading (See now: Audio Reading)

"Ariel is such a kind and intelligent soul. She’s very dependable and does an excellent job with her readings. They’ve helped guide me to the right path as well as gave me immense hope. I truly am grateful towards her and I wish her the best . Thank you, Ariel!" - Rivera, Messages From Above Reading

"Per usual an outstanding and encouraging reading!" - Rashad, Apollo's Praise (Limited)

"Is it possible to fall in love with the way someone does a reading? If it wasn’t then I think I’ve discovered it. Ariel is amazing at what she does and the messages that she channels keep making me smile and tear up at the same time. I can feel their comfort in the way she types them up. I honestly can’t wait until my next one." - Bridget, Create Your Own Reading

"Thank you so much for this wonderful and once again amazing intuitive session with my soul family. The guidance and advice you've channelled for me was really all that I needed to hear and helped me lots, just like always." - Noony, Intuitive Reading (See now: Audio Reading)

"I definitely needed this this was such a great boost when I was struggling to remember what was important about me. I still read it over and can't help smiling at the warmth it brings. Get this when you can! You won't regret it!" - Annanikka, Bring the Sunshine Reading

"Received quickly, Ariel is extremely thorough and insightful, I highly recommend her readings" - Kelly, Past Lives Session (See now: Site Only Past Lives Readings)

"The reading was incredibly detailed and helpful, with a lot of communication involved! I absolutely recommend one of Ariel’s readings to anyone!" - Sophie, Intuitive Reading (See now: Audio Reading)

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